Lloyd Shaffer

by Lloyd Shaffer

Dear reader, this is just a short blog to say I wish u all a happy Thanksgiving with many more to come. there r so many things 2 be thankful 4 n life!! we just have 2 open our eyes fully 2 c it. n most cases we don’t c it all clearly until its gone, so hold on tight 2 all that u hold dearly. my info is at the bottom of this blog if u choose 2 contact me. that said,have a happy Thanksgiving. sincerely.

my info:
Lloyd Shaffer #398957
Coyote Ridge Correctional Center
P.O.Box 769
Connell, Wa. 99326

I’ll hope 2 hear from u via jpay or USPS snail mail. happy holidays.

Lloyd Shaffer
DOC #398957

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