Michael Thompson

live struggle, die struggle by Michael Thompson

i know live and die stuggle. what is the struggle? what are you struggling for? how are we to live this stuggle?

the struggle is the elevation of the people from the lower state to a higher state on all aspects. we are fighting for the virtues that manifest from this higher state or consciousness. we wont this in are selfs and in our communities. the mind will open door for us to acomplish dreams that we could not have imaged. we must allow are minds to adjust to the new requirements and circumstance. all type of barriers will appear in us and before us, it is our responsibility to recognize our own enemies and demons. they want for us to give in but struggle is the only open. true men and women fight for the freedom, to be treated with mutual respect and justice, they do not let people oppose their will on them or give them option that are distructive or not in there well being. true men are not measured by there work out, not by there appearance, not by there wealth, but by the degree of there heart. i (i.e. by my self) would rather fight and amy then to try someone weaker then me. real men (we) do not fear the strong and oppress the weak. these ”little boys” are ”aggressive cowards” not ”brave men”. struggle and fight a ”righteous fight” a ”good fight”, be brave, daring and fearless, victory is ours!!

peace, power and prosperity

Michael Thompson
DOC #A612994

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