Michael Thompson

true will power by Michael Thompson

it is in the heart, and there is nothing in the world that can remove that in your struggles for freedom , justice ,and equalty never give up the ones who oppose you want nothing more.if there is still life in your heart, there is life to fight. moral consciousness, intellectual support and trust in your will power and the cause your fighting for is the essence of this will power. look at malik al hajj who said if you do not stand for anything you will fall for anything. what is he saying? ”morals”, that correct human moderation. there is no one who can stand in the way of ”truth”, if you are truthfull inwardly you can help but be outwardly its your nature. we are not at peace with each other because of a lack of peace in us, so we show that with the people around us. we can have better then we have now we just have to have the will power. better us, better family, better economy, better system, better life, and better future. when we create the environment we want to see in our communities in us, communities will change. it is not the communities that have to change, it is you!! it is me!! it is us!! we the people!! stand up for the cause, stand up for the people, stand up for yourself.

peace, power and prosperity

Michael Thompson
DOC #A612994


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