Steven Jennings

THE GARDEN, by Steven Jennings

Jack ”Stickerbush” Rizzo #57143, is a 6’10”, 265lb., 45 year old Federal inmate housed in a maximum security Federal Prison located in Sheridan, Oregon. He’s serving 27 years for Extortion, Money Laundering, Kidnapping, and Attempted Murder.
Nobody cares about the Extortion and Money Laundering charges. It’s the Kidnapping and Attempted Murder convictions that brings ”attention” and ”respect” to this savage beast. When I say ”attention” , I’m talking about folks like you and anyone else who directs their energy towards Jack. When I say ”respect” I’m talking about the disenfranchised lost souls who aimlessly roam his hunting grounds and are forced to give him their respect. Or else!
Jack was raised by his mom Fa’Leesha, and his dad Frankie ”Jackhammer” Rizzo. These two fought like cats and dogs. Dad would beat mom regularly over the slightest provocation. For example, one night Fa’Leesha accidentally farted at the dinner table. Frankie grabbed her by the hair and smashed her face into the table five times before knocking her out with a right cross. When little 7 year old Jack objected, he got knocked out too.
This type of shit went on for years. Why Fa’Leesha put up with it for so long, we’ll never know!
But what we do know is that Fa’Leesha eventually got fed up. She went out and secretly bought a pitbull. She named it Killer. She kept it chained up in the basement at her sisters house for ten months as she watched YouTube videos on ”How To Train A Pitbull To Kill.”
On a cold December night, an unexpecting Frankie came stumbling through the front door. That’s when Fa’Leesha gave the fatal command, ”Killer, ATTACK!”as she opened the crate door. Killer sprinted across the livingroom floor, jumped six feet in the air, and sunk his sharp teeth deep into the soft tissue of Frankie’s throat.
Frankie tried to fight back but it was no use. Killer was too strong, too ferocious, his jaws were too powerful, and he only knew how to do one thing…KILL!
After Fa’Leesh was certain that Frankie was dead she said, ”Killer, STOP!”
Killer kept gnawing at Frankie’s bloody throat, ignoring Fa’Leesha’s command. ”STOP I said, Killer STOP!” Killer kept his low center of gravity as he remained fixated on the bloody throat. His vicious growls and ongoing thrashing of the lifeless man indicated that Killer had no intention of relinquishing his reward anytime soon.
She tried again, this time in a high pitched scream, ”KILLER, STOP… STOP IT… LET GO DAMN IT…STOP!” Killer kept gnawing, growling, and thrashing.
Fa’Leesha threw herself on the couch and began to cry as she continued to yell at Killer, ”STOP! THAT’S ENOUGH! HE’S DEAD ALREADY! STAAAAWP!”
Killer kept gnawing as Fa’Leesha could only sit and watch.
Killer and the floor was completely covered with blood. As Fa’Leesha helplessly watched through tearful eyes, she wondered how she was going to clean up so much blood. This was not part of her plan! Her frustration set in deeper and deeper until she had enough. She jumped up and ran over to Killer, yelling at the top of her lungs, ”STOP…STOP…STOP, I FUCKING SAID STOP YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Then she grabbed Killer by the hind legs and started to pull him. That’s when Frankie’s head ripped completely off. And that’s when Killer turned to face Fa’Leesha! Ut-Oh!
Killer immediately assumed his attacking position as he maintained a constant death growl. Fa’Leesha slowly backed away with both hands raised as she tried to soothe Killer, ”Easy boy… Easy… Good dog…Easy…”
Killer slowly approached her with his low center of gravity as he exposed his bloody canines through a constant growl.
Fa’Leesh kept backing up, slowly. She taught Killer how to kill. That’s it! Nothing else. She kept him chained up in a basement for ten months. No love. No affection. No bonding. Just kill, kill, kill! As she kept backing up she bumped into the fireplace tools, knocking them over and creating a loud commotion. Killer attacked her! He jumped up and locked on to her small soft neck, instantly breaking it with the first thrashing. Fa’Leesha was dead!

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