Darnell Jones

Introducing Darnell Jones

Hi, name is Darnell Jones. I am 32 years of age and currently serving a 27 1/2 year prison sentence, (appeal is real). I’m scheduled to be released 9/13/36, but I’m positive I’ll be out before then. Until I do get out I spend most of my time reading books, and writing novels and short stories of my own. I’ll be posting a few of them on here so I hope you all like what I’v created.

If you do you can always write to me at:
Darnell Jones 881377 C-A-08
Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
P.O.box 769
Connell, WA 99326

Because of moves and everything the fastest way to reach me would be to e-mail me at j-pay.com. This may be easier because these emails come directly to me, unless I’m transitioning to another institution, then you’d have to try again later.

I’d like to thank Suzie Jennings for creating a platform for inmate voices to be heard. I also want to encourage anyone who likes me or my work to contact me as I’m always open to new discussions, as well as seeking friends, and or a relationship.

Darnell Jones
DOC #881377

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