Kenneth Slater

” Back to doing Me ” by Kenneth Slater

Whats going on Im Kenneth This just an introduction to the lifestyle Im going to be into once i Reach society again and live life the right way . The moral of the story is Im looking for someone beautiful who i could have Millionaire vibes with and keep me grounded as i do the same for her . Im family oriented and If Love is involved with me and an Significant other everything will be pure on my end . Im 24 years old , no kids , with 2 years left on my prison term with a Mindset of a succesful entrepuener. The topic Back to Doing Me evolves around me entering the streets again and taking care of family and making investments and sharing my accomplishments with someone who would be trying to reach the same goals as me .
My current prison location is listed below .

Kenneth Slater #653-248
Warren Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon Ohio 45036

Id be looking forward to a response to my introduction of me , I understand it was brief but if your interested on the little information i gave out to no one in particular which i usually dont do . Reach out to me and maybe we could get to know eachother on a different level .

Kenneth Slater
DOC #653-248

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