Brent Starr

The Show- by Brent Starr

Early 2016, my family and I were reached by a TV producer from the Oxygen channel wanting to interview us regarding my case. Unfortunately, I was not allowed by SCCC and DOC H.Q. to have the interview, for reasons unknown to me. They also contacted my trial counsel for an interview. I asked ” why my case, out of thousands of cases to make a TV show about, what stuck out to you?” I was told by the producer that they have many people that search the internet for cases that meet their criteria. He also stated that the more they researched the case, more and more red flags popped up.

One of the main issues they saw was that the DNA evidence excluded me from the crime scene. Another issue was that there was absolutely no physical evidence to prove who committed the crime. These are two out of many other problems with the case.

For those of you who are interested in seeing the show, you can go to the Oxygen channel website, find season 8 episode 3 of the Snapped ” Killer Couples” show and watch. Its definitely not a documentary, but it gives a small glimpse of the states theory of the their case against me and my codefendant. You would think that the state would have to have more evidence to convict someone of murder. Apparently, that’s not entirely accurate.

There were some things I learned about my case I didn’t know before as well, from watching the show. I’ve been learning law and the legal system for 8 years now, trying to fight my case because I can’t afford an attorney. I’m sure those of you who have family in prison can understand the perrils of the so-called justice system. But that is a subject best suited for another time.

Thank you for reading and I welcome anyone to contact me if there are questions that need to be asked or if you wish to just talk. Again, thank you.

Brent Starr
DOC #331496

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