To Proceed :
The greatest swindle of history was when the devil was granted the rights from God to decieve the people into bringing corruption within their mind’s, and soul’s, as the poison of darkness dripp’s into their hearts.’

Leading many innocent people away from Worshiping and Praising God, or in wanting to knowing about His Mercy Forgiveness, and many other attributes that He holds.

Knowing that God created {all of creation to Worship Him alone,} and for
us to be the steward’s of all things on the earth, and to each other.

The confusion came from the people’s conceited Way’s, and arrogance in their thinking,

The corruption still goes on today, it’s many people that’s lacking in
knowledge and understanding and is a stranger to guidance with honesty.

People just didn’t know, or understand the power of words that spell’s knowledge and gives under standing to rights to share and say I know about that~said with honesty.

Many people listen when the truth is spoaken and the proofs are
apart of the presentation displayed and shared with and for all.

So many people fall into the devils corrupted ways, he has so many trickery components with power to apprehend a person in donating the same ways of an ignorant person in their words and their actions, for the world to see such a discussing performance.

Even people that’s well off financially and have knowledge will also found themselves falling weak to the many different desires of this world, desires are also apart of the devil’s rights in bringing corruption and demanding a person’s attention and cash flow.

God, granted the devil his request at the same moment handing him
the tools of allusions for all humanity to witness.

Not all people will be apart of the devil’s plan, God’s Lordship is stronger then anything of creation, and creation can’t out do the creator in or with anything.

The devil asked God to grant him the power to being in charge
of the two deadliest diseases.

One~ not submitting to God.
Two~ Self Inflicted Retardation.

The devil did convince most of the world that he didn’t exist,
but you must also remember he refused God’s demand to bow down
to Adam, he didn’t, he’s very arrogant.

A person will never fear something beside God unless it’s due to the repulsive disease that reside within one’s heart.

In this world, people will fine in the remembrance of God, Praising Him,
Worshipping Him, is the gaining of a delight that is incompatible to anything of creation.

God will keep firm those who believe, with word and stands firm
in this world, and in the hereafter.

It’s what we do today that will direct what will take place
in the grave and hereafter.

Let me share what will take place when you arrive in your grave.

When a believing person has reached the end of their term on earth
the beginning of their term in the hereafter starts, a group of angeles
will decent from heaven.

The angel of death will come sit right next to your head, saying
‘O, good and pure soul ! Depart your body), to God’s forgiveness and pleasure.”

The soul will f’low (out of the body) just as a drop flows
out from the tip of a jug.

The angel of death captures it and wrap it in a shroud, and ascent (to heaven).

Your first visitor is with the Angeles of death they’re coming to collect
your soul, depending on your deeds on earth, either your soul will have
the smell of the best musk ever made, or it will have an
awful rotten smell.

Upon your arrival into your gave you will be visited a second time
by two angels, their responsibility is to ask you three very important questions

They are :
#1- Who is your Lord ??
#2- What is your Religion ??
#3- Who is your Prophet ??

If you answer all three questions correctly, you will receive glad tidings which will pleases you.

This is the Day which you was promised.”

When the disbelieving person have reaching the end of their term on earth the beginning of their term in the hereafter starts.

The angels will decent upon you from the heavens, with their faces
being very dark with the saddest look.

They will sit far always from you, then the angel of death will come forward and sit right next to your head, saying, O impure, evil soul ! Depart {your body} to the angry God that knows all.

The angel of death will seize your soul very fast, due to the putrid smell.

The unbelievers soul will travel to the lowest gates of the heavens
the angels will ask the gatekeeper to open the gates for
you, that request will be denied.

The wicked soul will be thrown {from heaven}.
Ponder upon this you falling from the sky, and the birds had snatched
you, or the wind had thrown you to a far off place to reside.

We all have our down falls, and cater to a desire of some
kind are another.

No one is better then the next person, God created us to
praise Him, and to be steward’s of the earth.

Just waking up after a nice nape you should give thanks to God.

Many people don’t, having a warm place to sleep, many don’t, eating three heathy hot meals, meany don’t

That list can can go on forever.

In all cases the tests are given by God, there placed upon
us with the power to break us down and build us up
making us stronger in faith and as better person.

If we would just listen and start praising Him, and asking for His guidance and foregivenes, many things would surely change as your condition.

I say proudly


Only God knows when you might be the person needing assistance.

God, told (all humanity) you will be tested with the good and
the bad..THE END..


DOC #288318


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