Steve Anderson


This fool convinced a good portion of the world that he
didn’t exist, and created the deadliest disease this world
ever experienced (self in flicked retardation)…

To Proceed :
Take a moment now to breathe in deeply~and breathe out gently, yes good air in a needed blessing, we can’t see it, but
do we not believe what it does for our lives ? ?

Ponder upon creation…Do you really ??

Now to contemplate this story Bonolito told many others before you…

Bonolito said, come back tomorrow, and I will tell you…

The next morning the meat man returned, bonolito handed him a diamond with instruction, “take this to the market and have it appraised…

Do not sell it just take it to every storekeeper that deals
in stones…

The meat man took the diamond to town to one storekeeper on
to the next one, (shit) the first storekeeper at the fruit stand
tried to appraise the stone for a small amount of fruit…

The meat man moved on to the goldsmith, an ordinary jeweler,
and asked him the price the diamond…

I will give you $-1800,oo said the goldsmith…

The meat man went to several other jewelers, each of whom offered
him a little more money…

Finally he went to the best jeweler in town and asked him
to priced the diamond is priceless…

You can’t sell it…

The meat man brought the diamond back to bonolito and told him
what had happend…

Now do you understand the value of a human being ? ?

A person can sell themselves short by their vision of themselves along with many false beliefs and lies from others and from ones self, its
all apart of the deadliest disease, yes self inflicted retardation and it’s free,

The F,D,A- warning says lound and clear it’s bad for your health
and your mind and soul..

The good part is a person can stay in school and work hard
on the job, and stay seeking knowledge that builds up your self
esteem, self respect, character, loyalty for others and self, along with honor
to and for others….THE END….


DOC #288318


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