Steve Anderson

$,A……~# TO KNOW IS UNDERSTAND by Steve Anderson

*in one understanding one must seek knowledge that gives
you rights to share truth with other people..

The first concern of all the Prophets in every age and in every
environment was to cerrect the belief of people regarding God…

To cerrect the relationship between the servant and his Lord…

To call towards the dedication of religion purely to God, and to single
out God as the only object of worship, [believing with certainty] that
He is the Sole Dispenser of benefit and harm…

The only One Who has the right to be worshipped, supplicated and
restored to, and in whose name [Alone] animals may be sacrificed…

The campaigns were concentrated and directed against paganism during their own eras, which was exemplified in the worship of idols [ in human
and animal form ], and saints’ and other human beings [ considered to be
holy or to have divine power ] from among the living and the dead…

Creating an open mind fully means to look away from your beliefs,
or the understanding that you may hold dearly…

The gaining of knowledge comes to those that have an open mind…

This presention is to challenge you and enlighten you at the same time with truth…

If you hold a different truth then what’s being presented ? then challenge your beliefs…

To exercising your rights in you truly having an open mind to
my words as you seek this piece of religious history…

You search in this field of religious history, please share your finding
of truth with friends, family and the person you may smile at…THE END…


DOC #288318


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