Seth Teig

—–An Amazing Moment—– by Seth Teig

I have to just say I love you. Its true and there is no way for me to avoid the obvious. Have you ever considered the possibility that soulmates are a real thing?
Well let me tell you, whoever may be reading this, that yes in fact soulmates are a real thing. I have first hand experience with this topic. I don’t want to confuse the masses but hear me out. A soulmate is someone with which you share an unbreakable connection. For the people who don’t believe in souls it can be surmised that this connection is a series of coincidences unexplainable by common methods.
So with that being said I can also say that just because you have a soulmate a person that you share this wonderful connection it doesn’t mean you end up together. I am lucky in this regard. What it ultimately means is that there is nothing in this world that can sever the connection. This person can be anywhere do anything, as long as it doesn’t intentionally hurt you, and the connection remains.
This is only my theory a feeling I have. A belief. I share this connection with a wonderful woman. We have our ups and downs but the fact remains she is apart of me. Anyways I just wanted to say that it is an amazing moment in your life when this realization is had. Its still painfully obvious I have been forgotten and left behind and at times I dwell in the madness of my mind but I’m happy. I love who you are.

Seth K. Teig
DOC # 304222

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