Seth Teig

—Mind At Work— by Seth Teig

So I’m not sure if these blogs are read by anyone. My mind is eased Into a contented state after I blurb these sentiments. While I sit in this concrete community of the deadened I wander aimlessly through the valleys of my mind. Vast, un trekked terrain of interesting new ideas, goals, hopes and dreams. The fact that I can have these wanderings is a good sign.
I’m in prison. I like to think I’m an intellect but I’m also a man that will NOT be pushed around. I have had confrontations and can walk any mainline in the state without any problem. I am respected among my peers. I’m API, Hawaiian and white. I have no fear. There will never be a situation I’m not confident in.
That being said its so hard for me to keep up this good forward movement. I have a need. A woman to talk to. A piece of the world that doesn’t have to pretend to be so hard, so tough. I wish I knew how this ends but I don’t.
While my mind works on overdrive I loose my bearing little by little. There is someone who can help me. I have no fear of saying I might need help. I’ve never done it before.

Seth K. Teig
DOC # 304222

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