Lloyd Shaffer

::Looking:: by Lloyd Shaffer

Hello dear reader,

So life here in corrections can go either way, it can go up and it can go down faster then ever.

Its even harder doing time without the steady companionship of a lady. I’m not looking for someone to take care of me, no that’s not the case I’m very selfsufficient. I’m just looking for someone to be able to communicate with to call on when I need someone to talk to, vise versa me be there for them as well.

I like to consider myself to be an amazing listener, as well as being well spoken. I take in advise as much as I give advise.

I’m a strong communicater, and love to spending all the time I have with that special lady..

If you are out there reading this post, and want someone to talk to as much as I am looking for someone to talk with, then reach out to me. I promise you will not be disappointed one bit.

my information is listed below, and if you wish to reach out to me you can via snail mail through USPS or you can go to Jpay.com setup an account enter in my name and doc number an you can start communicating with me via jpay email..

Have a wonderful day and thank you dear reader for taking the time to read my post…


Lloyd Shaffer
DOC #398957


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