Lloyd Shaffer

Introducing Lloyd Shaffer

Hello dear reader,

My name is Lloyd, My friends like to call me Casper. I’m 40 years but feeling like I’m 25. I’m 5’10” 215lbs my ethnic background is white all american Cali boy. I have blonde hair blue eyes, athletic and fit, and have more tattoos then a tattoo shop.. 🙂

As you may know we all make mistakes and I have made my share, we are human and no one is perfect. I fell in September of 2017 and I’m set to release in July of 2019.. But due to my active appeal my release date is subject to change.

This blog site is new to me and really to be honest I’m learning to be more open minded to things.. I hope this give me a chance to open my horizon and meet new people to correspond with..

Right now I am at Coyote Ridge Correction Center in Connell Wa.
You can reach me via Jpay or even Snail mail via USPS with the provided information at the end of this introduction.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to many more blogs and future correspondence.

Lloyd Shaffer.
Doc# 398957
P.O Box 769
Connell Wa. 99326

Lloyd Shaffer
DOC #398957

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