–Is There Anyone There– by Seth Teig

So I have to ask myself if there are people Inside DOC that truly give a fuck. I sought help through mental health and thought there was some semblence of understanding within my care providers mind. I might have just misunderstood the intention. I believe in my heart she cared. She wants to help. Well here I sit refusing to proceed with treatment because it is her I trusted. I don’t wish to be shunted to the side pushed forward by an abrasive Dr. She worked with me. Oh well. This is my outlet now. DOC as a whole doesn’t care about whether or not we maintain internally just externally. I have to be hard without budging. All I ask is how do I change while having to be this Person that isn’t weak in appearance? The stigma is strong. I’m rambling.

Seth K. Teig
DOC# 304222

Categories: health, Seth Teig

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