Brent Starr

Introducing Brent Starr

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brent Starr and I am a few months away from turning 40. I was arrested for first degree murder on July 4, 2008. I was convicted of the murder in May 2009 after a long two week trial and was sent to prison with a 28 year sentence on June 9th 2009. If I don’t win my case in the near future I am scheduled to be released in November of 2035. That’s a lot of time to think about, well…. everything, for a murder that was committed in a house in my home town while I was at work over 20 miles away.

There are many things I would like to share with you all, and I thank you for the opportunity and the platform to do so. My contact info is as follows: Brent Starr # 331496, Stafford Creek Corrections Center, 191 Constantine Way, Aberdeen , WA 98520.
Thank You.

Brent Starr
DOC #331496

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  1. I’m sorry about what happened to David….I wish he sold his share of the house and moved away from these monsters… What a coward to do what he did to someone sleeping. There ain’t no hell hot enough for this creature


  2. Lol I just watched killer couples
    By you texting” I need pants”shows how intelligent you were😅😅😅😅😅😅


  3. I feel sorry for your daughter asshole. Did you ever think about her once while all this @*$#@ was going on?? I’m sure she is in a better place now than with you.


  4. You are full of crap Brent you weren’t 20 miles away you killed my friend while he slept in his bed When the sheriff came to question me the first thing I said was Brent did it I knew you were a psychopath when I worked w/ you at the goldbar restaurant & lounge. David and I had many conversations and he expressed that he was nervous about being in that house w/ you and Debbie I tried to convince him to leave but he thought that you were just a phase and she would get over you. I hope you rot asshole and I hope your someone’s prison bitch. To Whoever the unfortunate stupid woman is who actually married you I must tell you Get a life girl you can’t be that desperate trust me when I tell you HE DID IT. HE’S A COLD BLODDED KILLER go find someone who not it can’t be that difficult. I hate you Brent, David was a great man and you took his life I just wish someone in prison would do the same to you because you don’t deserve to breathe


  5. You killed a guy who you didn’t need to kill, You could have moved away together or done something that a normal person would do, So ride ya mother fucking bang up murderer… Atleast you have a release date some dont for the sane crimes.


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