Seth Teig

—-One Day At A Time—- by Seth Teig

Ominous and depressing are the crowds of the dead. I’ve seen destitution in the eyes of my peers. Devoted to their misery they crave company. You know the saying. I’m not willing to walk quietly among them. I will make noise. I will boast of the possibilities.
Endless endeavors are at the fingertips of those who carry that special date. Don’t steep in the madness that is this place. Do not let it become who you are. Do not let it define you but only define what you can overcome. This is but a moment of our lives that will end eventually.
However it must be done you must find a way to take this experience without letting the experience take you. Not even a piece of you can be spared.
I am different. I am not a product of my environment. My environment is what I make it. I will make the best of this. I will be the man I aspire to be.
While these are words spoken from the mind of someone trying there are many who don’t even think. All they do is exist in this state of disregard. For themselves for others. Believing in themselves has never been an option. They cling to the powerful. They seek the minds that can mold them. There is also the physical prowess of the dillusional. Work out all day long to give off a false since of confidence. I am among these disenchanted.
I work out enough to make people leery of me. I feel good but at the same time I do it with bad intentions. My work outs are one of the only ways for me to make it through my time.
There are coins amongst the debris. The worst people are here as well but there are diamonds in the rough. Deceit and lies are common. I’m tired of the way of life on this side of the fence.
So one day at a time is how I have to take this time. I have to remember who I am and I have to keep on trying. I will keep trying. I miss my love. I miss my sons. I miss my life.

Seth K. Teig
DOC# 304222

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