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[Final Straw Radio Show broadcast, 24 SEP 17]
The solution is violence.
Officer Jason Stockley was in a high-speed chase of Anthony Lamar Smith– a chase that can only happen if cops are chasing the guy. When he stopped his cruiser, his dash-cam recorded Stockley saying, “We’re going to kill this nigger.” It’s what he said, just seconds before he shot Smith five times, killing him.
In the aftermath, police recovered a pistol from Smith’s car that proved to have Stockley’s DNA all over it, but none of Smith’s, indicating that Stockley planted the gun to justify the killing.
On Friday, September 15, a jury acquitted Stockley and the federal government decided not to bring civil rights charges.
Big shocker, right? Another white pig exonerated.
So, folks took to the streets Friday night. On Saturday night, things got pretty hectic. According to news reports, 11 pigs were injured including a dislocated shoulder and a broken jaw. Five pigs were hospitalized. Ten businesses were damaged. At the quaint but tastefully-decorated home of Mayor Lyda Krewson, some rebels wilded out and smashed a window and splattered red paint on the walls. The mayor’s family was home at the time, although the mayor was not. I wonder if her loved-ones shared with her their sense of fear when they heard that shattering glass, or if they perhaps shared their concerns regarding Lyda’s future hiring practices and possible strategies for weeding out racist, gun-happy assholes.
You think?
Take this work, Mayor.
Not to advocate attacks on other public officials who clearly have it coming, but didn’t the St. Louis Circuit Judge who presided over the case say that Stockley’s statement was “ambiguous”? The judge’s name is Timothy Wilson. I’m fairly certain that he lives in the St. Louis area and his house probably has windows and walls too.
Not that I’m advocating an all-out assault on his house too. I’m not. I’m just making an “ambiguous” statement.
Take that work too, Judge.
So, on Sunday night, more than a thousand protesters participated in a march that began at pig headquarters. After nightfall, according to news sources, only a hundred or so angry rebels remained and they again smashed windows of hotels and shops, the fixtures of the larger, profit-driven, racist system. Hundreds of riot police were bussed in to respond. In clashes, rebels have been using home-made pepper-spray on the pigs, the recipe for which needs to be posted online. Any rebels who know how to make this pepper-spray should email the recipe to so we can get that everywhere.
And, for future reference, just an idea here, but what happens if the bus bringing the riot police never arrives? You know, punctured tires at stoplights… blockades in roads from stolen cars blocking traffic… maybe even an assault on the bus itself?
On Sunday night, the pigs were chanting provocations, making it clear that they see themselves in a war against the people, that they perceive themselves as taking territory from enemy forces, chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!”
That’s right. The pigs think the streets are theirs. It’s their world and we’re just living in it.
And that brings us back to what I’ve been screaming for years, since before Ferguson: The solution is violence.
Our enemy only understands one language. That language is violence. We live in a fascist police state where the violent agents of control and domination really believe our streets belong to them, really believe that we belong to them.
Peace is not an option. Peaceful protest does not create a condition of peace, it creates a condition of unilateral violence, a situation where violence is inflicted upon us by a declared enemy while we sit and take it. That’s not my idea of peace.
We will achieve peace when we defeat and disarm our enemy, when we prove to them unequivocally– whose streets? OUR streets. In that regard, I’m reminded of a line from Sean Connery’s character in “The Untouchables,” when he advises Elliot Ness, “when they kill one of yours, you put two of theirs in the morgue.”
But we cannot simply employ this political violence sporadically and expect any kind of permanent solution. We have to maintain a consistent and continuous resistance, a longer and sustained campaign of political violence against fascist police state forces everywhere. If we scuffle with the pigs after each shooting and then resume our lives, everything will return to the same status quo.
We have more guns in the U.S. than any nation in the world. It’s time to aim them the right way.
To sum it up with a statement that Judge Timothy Wilson would agree is “ambiguous,” we’re going to kill these pigs.
Guns don’t kill people.
Cops do.
Save lives.
Kill cops.
This is Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain from Warren Corruptional in Lebanon, Ohio. If you’re listening, you ARE the resistance…

Sean Swain
DOC #A243-205


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