Steve Anderson

$,A……~# THE INSTRUCTION’S ARE VERY CLEAR…. by Steve Anderson

To Proceed :
Being ignorance is free and is motivated by not listening intently, or asking questions that arises in your mind.

You have a right to wonder and ask questions.

It’s also imperative that you have a sound question when asking another person for their time.

Always let your questions lead to the gaining of understanding.

The most dangerous ways of some people are very well know issue
is of a person having the audacity in thinking they know it all, or
got all the answer’s.

A person being conceited, and over confidence will always ruiney their blessings, and good opportunities that my come into a their life.

Being humble is of one truly understanding a blessing, and having patience in doing by righteousness to band for others.

‘Verily this is my way, leading straight follow it follow not the other path :

They will scatter you about from His (Great) path thus doth He commanded you, that ye may be righteous.”[ Qur’an ~ 6 :153]

The holy Qur’an duly amplified to enlighten the humanity for all times to come and the guiding light of the Qur’an is to brighten the entire earth.

LIGHT cannot be blamed if darkness of fog of pride and prejudice is in between.

The Devine light benefits each and every person on earth and cannot
be held responsible if one hides themselves in darkness of ignorance…. THE END….


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