Ivory Butler

Sovereignty and Perseverance by IVORY BUTLER

ACCENTS of Blacc , ABSENCE of color. CENTS and SENSE we Lack we Attackin eachother. Long forgotten African Kings and Queens , SLAVES Trappin for CHAINS and RINGS. drown Us in DRUGS and DREAMS to Escape…what Makes a GREAT WHITE shark so Great??

A KING exists for his PEOPLE, without his PEOPLE there can be NO KINGDOM , BUT without their KING the ppl will have NO SENSE of PURPOSE…

Life as a kid was so easy, its crazy how I couldn’t wait to grow up but wen I did get older I hated being responsible. As I grew I realized thru trial and error that I had entitlement issues ( I felt like everybody owed me something ) and its funny now that I sit back and see how childish I was not so long ago. Now I see how selfish I was being , I feel like everyone deserves to be heard now that I’ve aged a lil bit and matured, honestly I just wanna help people reach their full potential or at least push them in the right direction. God doesn’t make mistakes… as a man of god I’ve made plenty, but I accept full responsibility for my actions and I learn from my mistakes, I don’t wanna lecture you, not to sound like a old man but I been there done all that…now I’m away from my family and friends and can’t even help them because of my bad choices. I’m only 25 but I’ve been thru more then most , I may be incarcerated but what I won’t do is let these walls break me down or go back to the real world institutionalized…Please believe me I kno life is hard , but if I can find something to smile about in my current circumstances then you definitely can…

This is my First of many blogs thank you for tuning in , I’ll be sure to keep u guys updated aha Thanks again and stay striving and prospering , God got you Peace and Love

DOC #369616

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  1. Wicked post, you got a knack for the writing, your learned wisdom will help you on the journey and the ability to smile will really help You now understand but you should have been learned these values before getting where u r now. We know how circumstance is swayed against a brother from day 1 so it is great to see yyour spirit shining through your words. Stay up brother, PEACE OUT


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