Seth Teig

—-The Good Stuff—- by Seth Teig

Today was a good day. I feel great. I spoke with the most important people in my life. My sons. The only bad thing is saying goodbye. I love them so much. I have the most amazing sons My oldest is 13. He volunteers at the daycare his siblings go to. He is so outgoing and caring. My youngest is turning 10 on the first and is very smart. I know a lot of parents say that but he is advanced for his age.
I have a VERY hard time thinking about them and how I have failed them by not being there physically. I don’t speak about them very much at all. I get upset easily when it comes to them.
All I have ever wanted to be was a father. I am not going to keep this train of thought but today was great. Besides having the best conversation with my sons ever it was my dudes birthday and I put a cake and a nice spread together for him.
I feel good doing things for people I care about and I don’t really care a lot about the people in here. I never know who I can believe in. I don’t trust very easily but this USO is a good guy.
Anyways I love my sons and I miss them so much. I love you boys. Please don’t take your loved ones for granted.

Seth K. Teig
DOC # 304222

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