Timothy Kelly

SPITE AND MALICE by Timothy Kelly

Prison is full of such things.
However, this is a card game that some dude in here taught me.

He said his wife taught it to him at a visit while Big Bird was skiing down the Milky Mountains… whatever that means.

As the game progressed, I was constantly distracted by his incoherent babbling, something about Bert and Earnie playing paddle ball on her chin. Go figure.

When I inquired about his random outbursts, he looked at me cross eyed and asked, “Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

I felt like I was talking to a brick wall, so I slammed my cards on the table and grabbed him by the arm in hopes of snapping him out of it.

“Cinnamon cinnamon” he shouted as I vigorously shook him!

He finally snapped out of it. Or so it seemed.
“Are you ready to resume this game” I asked?

“Soon” he replied.

“What do you mean…’soon’?” I asked.

He said, “November 26th!”

“What? Forget about November 26th!” I shouted. “Let’s play now, today, this hour!”

“Every hour on the hour” he said in a manner that told me he was elsewhere.

That’s when I decided I had enough. As I got up and walked away I heard him say, “I’ll talk to you tonight at 8. Mwah…I love you baby.”

That’s the last time I ever play Spite and Malice with him. Not only did I have to endure a barrage of riddles laced with hidden messages, but I also lost every game as he constantly vowed to NEVER let me win.

What a little narcissistic punk!

DOC #858308


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