Steve Anderson

$A……~# TOUGH TIMES DON’T LAST] Tough people do. by Steve Anderson

To Proceed :
The state of being alone” is not the same as being ” lonely..”

Loneliness is a feeling of incompleteness, of the separation from others..”

The self has no separation from it self, ain’t no timeouts or
the splitting of you and your shadow.going different ways..

We all know our minds have the intake power of playing tricks
on us, it’s many reasons for that to take place here are two..

#1* If you don’t do your homework but download everything you hear others
say and do..

Being a hitchhiker and an inheritor is free, letting others do your thinking,
will never work for you though that’s why it’s so imperative in
you seeking knowledge and do your homework..

#2* Having no control at all of your highway thought’s thats doing (99)
in the (25) zone..

This feeling of separation or incompleteness arises from the ego and a sense of duality that exist within the ego..

Now please allow me to give you the third edition Roget’s Super Thesaurus..

{Ego ~ meaning}~ #1* Self, #2 *Psychic, Self-esteem, #3 *Self.. respect, #4 *self-image..

The expanded state of aloneness is blissful and ecstatic..

It is far beyond ego.

The “aloneness” is all inclusive ~ nothing is separate or different from oneself, there is no one “else”..

When we experience the purity of being the only one, there is the
feeling of absolute completeness and whole-ness, the feel that no one
can take away or add anything, being within yourself by yourself, getting to know and under

The magical words always get said


The sense of absolute aloneness lead to great humor and cheerfulness, our seriousness correlates with the ego..

One way to recognize when we are starting to let the ego take
over is when we start feeling very heavy and serious about
every little thing..

One’s voice gets deeper or nasal, our mannerisms becomes rigid and predictable, some people become of the fullest of self-righteous, a person even have the Audacity to think they know truth in the difference of opinion..

When there is no ego, there is nothing to take seriously..

Even seriousness itself become humorous..

As your understanding grows, you’ll become correspondingly lighter about everything, laughing more easily enjoying the benefits of the playground of the world….THE END….


DOC #288318


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