Brian Matthews


By: Brian Matthews, #796769
Song Pick: “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys

Hello!! I am pleased to announce my entry into the Inmate Blogger roster. Who’da thought to bring us all together in one forum like this but the geniuses behind Inmate Blogger, huh? Thanks, Inmate Blogger, for doing what you do.

I’ve been locked up for nearly nineteen years, so I’m kinda new to this blog stuff. If I’m out of date, or not using current vernacular, bear with me.

Mostly, I’m blogging to give my perspective from legalistic standpoints within the prison context. Although I might still be stuck in the Nintendo 64 era (do any of you even know what that is?) and might not know what’s what nowadays, I do write a lot of legal briefs, so hopefully my text is interesting enough for everybody to read.

Also, I’m a big 70’s and 80’s music buff, so I’m going to list a song-pick recommendation every blog post.

To contact me on the Jpay, look for: Brian Matthews, #796769.

To contact me via USPS:

Brian Matthews, #796769
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

Thanks for taking the time to consider my material. Enjoy your day.

Brian Matthews
DOC #796769


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