Christopher J. Shade

Things I’ve learned in Prison: as of 9/12/2017 by Christopher Shade

The worst realization about coming to prison is that when you’re here you’re not the one thats being punished, its your family that loves you. Life in here really isn’t bad, which is why so many people come back. Let me give you a good example: Let’s say that i was to get out and I had no more family, no money, and no place to live right.. Life would be absolutely miserable. Problems would stack up faster than I’d be able to solve them. First, I would have to find a place to sleep. I would need to find a way to make money so I could eat and live. And i would get all this stressed thrown in my lap without any prior warning and be told to deal with it.

In here, I’ve got no stressors to deal with. If I really wanted to I could go everyday for a year just eating sleeping and watching TV. I wouldn’t have to pay for anything, I wouldn’t have to work, I could live the laziest lifestyle courtesy of the American tax payers. In truest definition I’d be damn content, with all my needs are taken care of. I am not a selfish person though.

My being in here hurts my family which hurts me the most. When I get up in the morning, my motivation for doing right rests soley on my loved ones, and not my own self interests. If I had a way to actually do something helpful for society, I’d definitively be doing it. Instead, I’m in prison wasting American dollars with absolutely no way to give back. You know its bad when ive got no incentive to “reform”. In all actuality, I could sleep all day or school myself for the next 18 years and I’d still get out at the same time. How is the normal “criminal” gonna respond? I’ll tell you, selfishly. Not giving a fuck about anyone else. And when it comes time for retirement, they’ll kill whomever to get the extra good retirement treatment…. PRISON!!!

#Reform Washington State’s Prisons with education.

Christopher John Shade
DOC #391594


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