Matthew Propst

Introducing Matthew Propst

Hi, my name is matthew, my friends call me matt for short. I am 32 years old and love life. I was born and raised in seattle, WA. Im currently incarcerated for theft, assault, and rendering criminal assi been locked up for four years and have a early release of 2029.
I want to be able to not only share whats on my mind from time to time, but also maybe give some of my knowledge of my lifes expeirences to help anyone that is willing to listen. I have been through more than most could even imagine. Life is short and once we become of age and understand alittle better, I beleive we have more to offer the world and others. ” Wisdom is when we read the fine print, expeirence is when we dont.”
I will write more later, but for now I just wanted to touch base . Feel free to write to me @ Matt propst # 864430 or snail mail Stafford creek corrections 191 constantine wy. Aberdeen, wa 98520. Or follow me at thankyou for listening and have a great day.

Matthew Propst
DOC #864430

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  1. Matt, I encourage you to continue writing. Thank-you for sharing your intro blog. I look forward to seeing what you write next. I am sharing inmate bloggers with others as everyone should be heard.


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