by Seth Teig

Life Is A Road
I’ve come a long way
On this road that I’ve traveled
Been dumb but can say
That I’ve all but unravelled
For staying together is a skill all it’s own
I’m praying the weather
Doesn’t kill like the stone
That slayed the Goliath
David hurled with his sling
But that’s life at its finest
Battles that this world brings
Can be easily conquered
For with knowledge is power
Not just learned at a college
But with every hour
Spent asking who is it?
When, why, where, maybe how
Life’s a task so go get it
And the time It starts now
For this road is a journey
Filled with toils and snares
And the clock keeps on turning
So please be aware
Of the wisdom that comes from
The hare and the tortoise
Consequences of actions
Taken during our courses
Rabbit fast as a flash
Tortoise slow and so steady
Rabbit represents us
Tortoise life so be ready
Always runnin and gunnin
Looking for that fast buck
The tortoise keeps coming
He’ll never get stuck
While we stop in our tracks
Shackled up so relax
Tortoise passes us by
Time we’ll never get back
The story to me is more than
Persistence and loosing
It’s of all of us see
And our insistence on choosing
Whatever we’ve chosen
On this road that we’re walking
For time isn’t frozen
While we’re sitting here talking
Our loved ones they wait
Hope and pray that our minds
Are changed from before
Just a bit more benign
I’ve fought many a battle
None more important exist
Then the one that was started
With the clink of my wrists
So please heed what I’ve said
It’s okay to be baffled
Cause these are my thoughts
On my road that I’ve traveled.

Seth K. Teig
DOC #304222

Categories: poems, Seth Teig

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