Anthony Covert

“Beyond the conversation and into the fields of work. This is how change is made!” – by Anthony Covert

The idea of change is a forever process. Yet you cannot start the process of change until you identify what it is that needs to be changed. We have known the problem and with the help of Michelle Alexander we can begin the necessary work to reconstruct a corrupt system.

Mass incarceration is no longer just a phrase used by black people to identify a social injustice. It is two words that describes a plot to eradicate a class of individuals deemed unfit for society. Throughout Michelle Alexander’s, The New Jim Crow, we see a clear picture of how decades of preparation has led us to the issue we face now, and, that is black lives filling the prison systems at a rapid pace and the numbers are only climbing.

I believe that society is starting to see that maybe we have a reason to be upset or as some would say “the angry black people”. Wouldn’t you be angry if you were the subject of racial bias? Discriminated against because of the color of your skin? Or even the victim of a justice system, manipulated in such a way that keeps you from being considered a normal class citizen? If you answer honestly then you see where we are coming from.

It would be of pure ignorance for someone to dispute such a claim and call it nothing more than “black banter”.

Let’s look at the justice system. Now the system is ran and designed to function as is, to target a specific class of people. The problem then comes not from the system itself but from the people in charge to enforce it.

What better way than to hide the prejudice of the white conservative than to mask it by saying this is law and if you don’t have the money to defend yourself then you will be victim of our system. Such a genius plan! Who doesn’t have the money to defend themselves? Let me tell you, inner-city black communities! As Michelle states in her book ” Almost overnight, black men found themselves unnecessary to the American economy and demonized by mainstream society”.

The perfect plan aligned with the perfect execution.

Now because of this the African american voice slowly fades to the background when it comes to political freedom or opinion. Once we enter the system (as planned) our rights (though very few already) as a human being are diminished to merely nothing. We can no longer vote, apply for public housing, or even the difficulty of finding employment curses us.

The question then is asked. How do you reverse decades of injustice and misrepresentation of law? Easy, change the people that are in control of the system. This isn’t an overnight fix but it is an achievable goal.

We have an entire up and coming generation of youth from all ethnic backgrounds that are wanting and willing to do what it takes to balance out such a corrupt system. These men and women will be the architects of that reconstruction. It is up to us the community to get behind them and help them push forward.

We must become a unified voice for the sake of all those that don’t have one. Working together to adjust the imbedded prejudices that are clearly exercised on a regular basis within our so called justice department.

This is a call to action, and it is on us as a people to answer with vigilance! We can no longer cast a blind eye to the social injustice that is occurring right in front of us. As Michelle Alexander stated in the beginning of her book. She had a specific audience in mind. We are that audience and we must begin to care for and protect our communities. The work doesnt stop here.

Anthony Covert
DOC #335988

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