Washington State Legislature (part 2) by James Chambers

Washington State Legislature Wa State Doc serving unhealthy food is causing serious longterm health concerns and longterm healthcare cost ! And are actaully putting our communities at risk ! Because if inmates returning back to communities are unhealthy what are there chances of being able to get work ? I know there are some peaple that will say we dont deserve to eat healthy or dont care if we ever come home ! But if everyone knew that feeding us unhealthy actually cost at least a third more then feeding us healthy and the increased cost of longterm medical care in prison is skyrocketing ! Or that by all stat agencies being forced to spend so much of there budget with Correctional Industries ! They are also feeding into the prison industrial complex that has taken over our country ! CI has managed to sell its self as a job training program and it is a far cry from that . It is more of money grab then anything i have been in prison for 18 years and have watched CI grow so fast big they basically are the Wa state Doc ! It is shocking here in washington we have basically grown another state agency within doc with hundreds of state employees ! So every agencies budget accounts for spending with CI and is even required ! CI operates under a farce of helping inmates prepare for release ! when we all know that money would be better spent on education will continue thank you

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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