James Chambers

by James Chambers

my name and address james chambers # 743702 Stafford Creek Correction Center 191 constantine way H-6A-29 Aberdeen Wa 98520 im white male 45 years old and i have been incarcerated since 1999 im serving 28 years for nonviolent drug crimes and vehicle accident and guns ! this my first time in prison i was 26 years old when arrested i never spent not even one day in jail prior to this i did have one prior drug conviction for three marijauna plants! this my 18th year in prison i raised all my kids from prison thanks to all my family and loved making sure i was able to visit and call and now im raising my grandkids from prison ! i have become a positive force in prison i have completed and taught parenting programs for the last 17years im currently teaching an amazing program called parenting inside out it in also includes program called walk the line and another class called emotion coach parenting ! this program is for man getting ready to go home ! i love help guys relize how important their roles as fathers are and regardless of past they are still able to be positive influence on children and communities! these are all volunteer programs and it has become my passion to help others because i truely know the struggles of man and children of incarcerated children ! from talking with my own children i truely hope to break cycle of children folowing parents into this system thank you the way to express my self jim

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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