Steve Anderson

Ladies and Gentlemen by Steve Anderson

Hello I be Steve Anderson at 53yrs old, yes I am incarcerated residing in Aberdeen Wa. Stanford creek they call it…

I been incarcerated for12yrs for a murder case, I do not talk much about my case due to the fact I’m still in the courts trying to regain
my freedom faster then what was said in court at sentencing…

I was born and raised in East Oakland Ca. I live in Tacoma and Seattle
on and off for many yrs and have family that resides in Seattle, more
down in Oakland Ca…

My support team is small but I’m very thankful cause we stay
on truth with each other and loyalty and respect is given in
our sleep as the heart beats…

I’m a fair open-minded man so I’ll leave the door open for any
questions that my arise in anyone’s mind, I never band what I can’t understand…

Some issues on the murder case I am happy answer to a certain magnitude, just don’t act like you work for the prosecutor, I tell
yea they do not play fair…

With any questions or dealing of my blog’s please feel free, I’m
always trying to improve my writing skills…

Great new people on12/6/2017 it will be my 3rd yr of
me being a blogging…

I love the fact that my stories and knowledgeable words can be assisting
or in lighting people in different part’s of the world…

And I’m very thankful to the people that give there time to
leaving their thoughts, opinions, and knowledgeable words…

I also feel very strongly that it’s imperative that each of us share
the knowledge and self-help tool’s that brings better into life, as
much as God allows each of us His mercy and forgiveness…

Please be mindful not to be judgemental ain’t no one prefect and
we all have made bad decisions at one time or another, and yes
some just didn’t get caught…

And luck is a jealousy of success, you sure can’t buy luck in a
Safeway store, or at the locale Conner store…

I am Muslim in faith have been since 7/12/1996…

I do plan to share pieces on different issues of my faith that are
very miss understood in today times..

Please know that having an opened mind gives you the rights to
have new thoughts…

Many people have been given the wrong information about The Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah…

The Sunnah is what the Prophet Muhammad prescribed for all Muslims for all dealings and issues and matters on earth, even on the
length of your finger nails…

I will never take apart in having word war with anyone, or bring disrespect
on another persons religion, or wage war on a person for giving their
opinions, dislikes about anything I write about…

I appreciate you…

I do kindly ask that you give some. minutes to leave your opinions,
thoughts or any kind of knowledgeable words you would like to share,
all placed in the comment box please…

It good for one’s heart to seek the many things that makes us
better, just as I tell people if they make you think keep close
to them cause you’ll make better decisions, it healthy to ponder up

It’s two ways that you can contact me if you choose to know :

Part~1, [Is the regular mail service]

Steve Anderson # 288318
191 Constantine way
Aberdeen Wa, 98520

Part~ 2, [Computer useage]

If you go To Jpay. com ~ using my # 288318 you can sign
up so we can send E, mails to each other you will need
to purchase stamps for you to us, they have other likable features…

Thank you for your time, G2G , TAKE CARE PEOPLE’S~

DOC #288318


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