Seth Teig

by Seth Teig

My name is Seth Kamaile Teig and Im a 32 year old Hawaiian American.I was incarcerated on June 19th 2016 and sentenced to 38 months. My release date is 10-06-18. You may reach me at.

Seth K. Teig # 304222
Coyote Ridge Correction Center
P.O. Box 769
Connell WA, 99336

I’m articulate and educated with strong Family ties. There is so much to life and I plan on living it to the fullest. The reason I want to be apart of this Blog site is because I have a lot to offer and will not sell myself short. My History will not determine my destiny and forward is the only direction which interests me. Believe in yourself and there are no limits to what you can achieve. Believe in others and life will become a much brighter place to exist. I look forward to becoming known by all of you. I won’t disappoint.

Seth K. Teig
DOC #304222

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