Timothy Kelly


When I live with another inmate, forced or by choice I’m like a chameleon. I go with the flow. I’m not here to ruffel any feathers. We are suppose to make our living arrangement work for the better. You would think.

So here I am in a cell with a person who already has his routine. I don’t disrupt it. It just doesn’t work well with my routine. Which right now doesn’t exist.

When you never leave the cell it is a little disrespectful to the other party. It would be nice to have the opprotunity to sit in my cell and do nothing. Perhaps I want to find my thoughts. Or walk around naked. The option would be nice.

I spoke to the individual I share a cell with and asked him how he felt about me moving to another cell and the other person move in here. The good thing about this suggestion. The person that I would like to move in gets released in a month.

He asked me if he was that hard to live with and I said “you have your routine” I would like to move into a place where I can make my own routine.

He doesn’t like the suggestion of trading celly’s. I said you would be doing me a favor. And you would only have to live with the other guy for only a month.

He started to make excuses. And before I got upset of his selfish ways. I said you can’t do this to help me out? Before he could respond I cut him off and said “I’ll just stick out with you, so your life stays comfortable”.

I said this as sarcastically as I could and he still didn’t pick up on my intent. I guess I shouldn’t expect people to think how I think. I’m not surrounded by the most gracious of hosts.

In closing this is what I have go say “you reap what you so” I personally would have given some thought to the suggestion.

Timothy Kelly
DOC #858308


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  1. Even married people that supposedly love each other can not get along. Husbands can’t sit around their own homes naked. I know in prison there is not much “alone time for thoughts” Unless you are in the SHU and any one of them would trade places with you. Every situation has it’s own way of looking at it. And do not think I’m saying any of this without thought ,empathy or experience. ~Take care and yes we reap what we sow. Karma, and What-goes-around-comes-around…all that good stuff.


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