Steve Anderson

$,A…#~ THESE CHARACTERISTICS IS DEVELOPED {respect for others and self} by Steve Anderson

To Proceed :
Many people dropped out of school at a young age for a lot of
different reasons, some to merge into the work force at a very
young age, or it’s to the making of a better life, as my Mother
use to say fore sure money is the best..

Others dropout of school just to start hanging around the wrong crowd
and start doing disrespectful things to themselves and other people and their property, as I have said in my pass blogs I was a bad guy in a way
different fashion and I’m not bragging at all..

People are geting into doing new and the old drugs that’s been around
forever and a day , selling drugs, or robbing people, ( just to be everything but who you really are), all that ain’t going to make you fit
in are be cool..

Many people are running away from the unfairness that have been inflicted upon them by one or more people in their pass life..

Or is them ituations still existing as of today ?

It starts with you making an swift healthy decision that turns into an encouragement moves that bring change, first step not letting your thoughts be (afraid) to asking for assisted~(help)..

Getting down to the ituation requires honesty within yourself is the #-2 of
the beginning of the [ANEW]..

Meaning- healthy changes to your thought and thinking process, bring new actions into play..

But as you will come to realize that your next step is farther
away to finding peacefulness within self..

A lot of people make telling seem like the thing to do, the best
thing I will tell you is keep other people’s name out your mouth and
play telling is a bad joke..

And wothout doubt you will not receive satisfaction or gratification in your deals in dark world that you have chosen to be apart of..

I call it ( self in flicked retardation ) cause in these days and times
the rules have changed, and the way people are living in the dark
world don’t play fair at all, so the only one you getting
over on is yourself..

Everyone else seem to be lacking respect, loyalty, honesty, knowledge, and understanding wow I could go on and on but I think my points been made..

in many cases one need someone professional to listen that also have healthy solutions with guidance to a better you..

When I say all kind of things,” I mean all kind of things that
one can think to do that’s disrespectful to the eyes..

Drive~bys, muders, everything that shows the ignorance of a person lacking in understanding, knowledge, respect for self and others no honor, or integrity, and loyalty is no were to be seen..

And not knowing the many gifts that’s within yourself makes you a lost
soul, an inheritor to soon be tagged into the unness~ MEANING-the unfairness that you bring on to yourself, or caused by other people..

This subject I’m shedding light on can only get better by seeking
the knowledge that feeds the richness thats within your heart, the guidance of God, the Most Mercyful, Most Forgiving..

What I’m trying to say, is the ways people pick to survive being a
monster in any fashion is not show casing your skill of self respect, honor, loyalty, integrity, and understanding of. having knowledge all that is apart of God’s plan and yes people Hell will get it’s share..

They survive by becoming the worst of the worst, oh believe me it’s
some people that should be lockup in some fashion but lockup for

Now many other people have made bad decisions and do their time
and get out and live, due to the fact they used that time to seeking knowledge and a healthy plan to live by..

Do the people that do wrong to people and the law last
long on dryland or out at sea ~ NO..

To show no respect is to only show your up bringing of
ignorance or being around people that wasn’t living right, but at some
point you must seek within yourselves to being better person and start living in a healthy fashion before it to late..

If you always do what you can, you’ll have done a great job
assisting humanity….THE END….


DOC #288318

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