Jesse Bailey

WHY CAN’T SEE IT by Jesse Bailey

As for working at CI these last 6 months.

For example. Those little houses I have talked about before that I helped build. Yeah, I got pushed out of that. All the things I build myself or help build, no credit is given to me or appreciation is even shown towards me. Its like I just get over looked.

Its not that I am always looking for that type of thing. Because I’m not. But when I hear of someone getting credit they don’t deserve and on the bosses good side or even promoted for my hard work. Pisses me the F___ off.

Just push Jesse aside. He won’t mind. That’s what it feels and looks like anyways.

I work hard and do good at my job. But just not very good at voicing things, or how I feel. So I guess I just get forgot about and over looked. Other people who just show up at the end, or did little to none of the work or just step right in and stand there looking the part, have no problem saying they did it. Getting all the credit. Never mentioning my name or whoever was there working.

I’m usually not around to defend my position. They wait till I’m gone.

Several of the jigs that are used in the building of the houses are of my design. I drew it up on paper with measurement’s and design and how it worked and went together. Granite someone else had to do the computer drawing and program to make it come to life and into an actual Blueprint. That’s fine let them get their piece of the action, that’s just not my area of knowledge. They need to do that.

Then I built it after it was laser cut from the CNC.

I didn’t even get an at-a-boy.

I know things like this happen on the streets. But I have to say this. This is prison, and things are a bit different in here. I just can’t go say, “Hey that was me, I was apart of that.” Ya know, straiten out the story.

That would cause problems for me. I could find myself getting took off on out on the yard, in the unit or even at work because he’s mad at me. Or by some mission boy that wants to make a name for himself from that guy’s click.

People are real sensitive to things like that. Feels, ego, pride, or it just could be, he thinks I’m telling. Which makes me a rat. “snitches get stitches”. So I have to just mind my own and suck it up.

People come to me for help all the time. Or even to just build it for them. There are other people they could ask to do it. But my work always comes out just right. They know I’m the guy. Again, why can’t the Boss see that!

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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