Steve Anderson

$,A…… [ LEAVE OFF WHAT GIVES YOU DOUBTS ] for that which do

To Proceed :

Life is tough if your not focus with the tools of communication, giving
and receiving understanding, and seeking knowledge with the gaining to being a better person and down with the good looking out policy..

sharing your blessings and knowledge peoples thats apart of having compassion for others and self wanting to share what is sound truth..

Despite our best intentions, things go wrong, sometimes very wrong, being mindful is a gift that says boldly we don’t make miss moves, but also understanding one don’t control the clouds in the sky, if God says
be it is..

Sometimes regardless what you say or do, you’ll find yourself powerless, so it’s to being mindful to truly understand all is in God’s control..

You do have worldly rights, human rights, and most important God gave
you a choice to do good or bad, we all know the right from wrong..

Many of us struggle to meet the demands of our daily life, only
to find ourselves needing some kind of care for stress – related
issues as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, and many time drugs play apart in weakening ones immune system..

How do you typically react when things fall apart ?

Do you sometimes feel ashamed and become self – critical :

What’s wrong with me ?
Why can’t I cope ?
Why me ?

I’m stress the -uck out..

Its a lot of why’s and blame being pushed upon the innocent people,
and the little people, ( kid’s ) they really get it bad sometimes, cause you had a bad day, or can’t get your way so your mad at the world..( WOW ) !

Our travels on dry land can sometimes work against us by the
ways we carry ourselves…

And our words and actions should never be unfair to other people or ourselves…

Self control is a must, ain’t nothing funny too looking or being the
dummy, so never find yourself smashing your self esteem, and it will
never be against the law to say Hello or to assist another in

Perhaps one could travel to get better within self, as long as
you do not add insult to injury, and give time to seeking the
sound knowledge that would make you a better person..

Sometimes we find ourselves going after the greatest resistance, rather then giving ourselves a break, the path we travel down sometimes work against self it’s called being unfocused

Be truthful within your self do you bring confusion within your self ? or
in other people’s lives ? do you allow others to bring confusion to
your life ?

No matter how hard we try to avoid emotional pain, sometimes it
follows us everywhere, difficult emotions, shame, anger, loneliness, fear, despair, confusion – arrive like clookwork at our door..

They come when things don’t go according to our expectations, when we’re separated from love ones, it’s many more one could add to nthis
list, the thing is you must be honesty and fair and
not do the unness to your self or other’s…

But one can learn to deal with misery and distress in new healthier
ways, by being mindful of your feelings and what brings you joy,
happy ness, taking care of yourself is giving compassion to yourself
just as you give others..

When we fight our emotional pain we get trapped in it..

Difficult emotions become destructive breaking down the mind, body and spirit.. Feelings get stuck in time and we get stuck in them..

Change come naturally when we open ourselves to the emotional pain with common kindness to self and others..

It’s nice to be nice, even to yourself treat yourself, cause only a fool robs themselves….THE END….




DOC #288318


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