Jesse Bailey


Every year our units have a door decorating contest. There are quite a few people who get into the sprit and decorate thier door. Afterwords a picture is taken with you infront of the door.

I like the picture, so I usually put a few things up just so I get a picture because its a easy way to get one with the dog too.

This was the first door I did and got one taken with me and Deedee:


The following year I didn’t do a very good job on my door so I went and asked if I could take one at the door that won.

This guy spent 7 months working on his door in the cell then transfered it to the front the day before judging.


This year Steve and I worked on our door together. Normally its just me. My celly’s don’t normally help. Their to cool to decorate the door.

This year Steve’s wife sent some ideas for us to think about. We tried to duplicate one of the pictures we saw:


As we were making snow flakes and other trinkets for the door Steve asks if we can listen to some special music to set the mood. I said, sure not realizing what I just agreed to.

I put in the tape and hit play. It was Christmas music. I don’t like Christmas music at all, never have, never will! Plus I am not the decorating type either. My mother can cosign for that.

So now I am doing everything I don’t like to do and actually having a liitle fun. But, the music was getting to me. About ten minutes was all I could stand.

As we were doing all this people kept stopping by and asking what we were doing. When Steve started to explain it they kinda got involved some.

Some people made snow flakes. We had the unit paint porter paint the cardboard door blue with the paint roller. All we have are tiny brushes. And another guy made our candy cane out of empty paper towel tube, and painted it too.

Only 5 doors in the unit were decorated. And one wasn’t even a Christmas door. It was a HAUNIKA door.

After it was all said and done we came in third place. Which wasn’t to hard considering the options.

All in all it was fun I guess. I made presents for the kids, decorated my door and as hard as it was for me, to listen to x-mas music too. I kinda did that for Steve really.

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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