Steve Anderson

WITH YOU JUST SHOWING UP, don’t make you a team player….

*It almost goes without saying that a team needs diversity in skills…

Can you imagine a polo team with all goalies ? Or a football team
of quartbacks ? How’s about a business where there are all salespeople, Or a nonprofit organization with just fun-raisers ?

It doesn’t make sense..

Some leaders are blind spots in this area.. In fact I used to be like one of them..

I’m embarrassed to say there was a time in my life when I
thought that if people would just be more like me, they would
be successful..

I’m wiser now and understand that every person has something to contribute..

We’re all like parts of a human body.. For that person to do
it’s best, it needs all of it’s parts each doing it’s known job..

A leader must recognize how each person on the team can contributes using his or her unique skills, and express your appreciation for them..

As you see I’m staying on the highway I just pray it’s giving, and the world is taking time to share your words….


Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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