Steve Anderson

IT’S THE DELIVERANCE OF,,your word’s….

*The Gratitude given to the people that act upon another person’s struggle, that gratitude should be delivered when one is able..

The deliverance can be in your words face to face with the
person, or in a written letter to the person that supported your hopes..

Yes indeed it’s called the good looking out policy it’s bigger then
any selfish reasons cause it’s implanted in our hearts, to act to
say in most cases both..

First,, don’t say thank you unless you mean it..

Second,, tell WHY it was important TO YOU..

third,, say HOW it made a difference in your life..

It’s called the letter, now if your showing gratitude in your actions in doing something wonderful for them the same law stands forth..


Start by thanking what you learnd from this significant person..

Think about ways that the person has added to the enjoyment of
your life, our the way you appreciate life..

Think about the times that this person has sacrificed for you in
some way..

Think about times when this person might have been put in a bad
position because of something you did or didn’t do..

Saying thank you is also partly about saying there were times when
YOU didn’t deserve it, but this person was good to you anyway..

What do you value in your life ? How has this person this
person helped you get some of that back, it’s really a lot one
can say and it shouldn’t be hard they brought better into your
life that has to count for something right ?..

Remember that gratitude is more then saying “thanks a lot”. it is deeper
then that, and carries more meaning..

To understand that as we get older it does become ones life
by making responsible decisions you a man or a woman, now sometimes we will all experience being powerless and it will seem like nothing
is going right for you..

Remember God told all you will be tested, and that He will never
give you something that you can’t handle, on that note He will bring
others to assist you in your endeavors and to share in truth..

You got to do your part that includes you doing what you
can for another person that has a struggle in their life, that could
be you just giving your time to listen to another person and
give honesty with your knowledgeable words..

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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