Patrick Spurlock

To: All Those Involved~[circa 2016-17]

“How To Write What?”{Ch. 1}

When I originally was given, or received, the idea of writing a blog — I thought it was a good idea because there is a lot I wanted to say. There is a lot I believe needed to be said that I believe was not being said, about more than a few issues. Now that i’m here, I cannot figure out exactly how the fucc is talking to whoever may be reading these posts’ going to help you, Me, or the kids down the street?

Maybe even more important is the thought that some government
Nazi-type(of which there are no shortages) will be reading these posts, construct a psychological profile of me that will then be used to orchestrate my untimely demise?

Two pees in a bucket, with a need to press my luck kid. Check it out y’all!!!!
If you didn’t know, let me be the first to tell you that prisoners suffer from extreme sensory deprivation. But even that should not be enough to unnecessarily expose myself to the potential scrutiny of who knows just how many millions of lookie-loos, armchair mercenaries, laptop assassins, or other big-old meanies that may take to what I post. For good or ill.

And, with the experiences of my life, even if I wanted to at least attempt to put forth something positive or hopeful — it would probably come across about as phony as a three dollar food stamp. At the same time, while growing up, I heard it a lot — if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all. The problem for me is that I want to have a “real conversation”, where saying nice things is irrelevant, with everybody who was kind enough, curious enough, or otherwise disposed enough to read my these!!!!

To me, a real conversation means speaking truth to power no matter how painful or derogatory the true too life may be. This kind of conversation requires that either the protagonist go way out on a limb or, that we talk in metaphors and or parables. At this stage in my pathetic little life, I simply do not think that such a complex and intricate tip-toeing through the tulips will be beneficial.
Nor do I believe that we are familiar enough with one another to be able to successfully share a communication filled with substance by relying on the metaphorical. We are not talking about adult intimacy in the car while driving the children to school!
Yet, I want all involved to take me seriously; Because, if you get at me, I will not take your words lightly. The only question left is just how far out on that limb can we get without you wanting to or, trying to kill me?
Because so many of my secrets will negatively affect those that I love and cut for, those secrets will be going to my grave with me. That being said, and in the face of the Jerry Springer culture, some of the stuff I say may certainly make some uncomfortable, angry etc….

To inflame is not the goal, but to enlighten could make us whole. So, where do I start? Sex; Drugs; Guns And No Love? Man — talking a fucking razor’s edge. When shit all comes to that edge, let’s see if I know the ledge.

I was, to coin the typical manuscript of this type, born and breed in Harris County-Texas…U.S.A. For those of you who don’t know the place, you are not alone. For those of you who do, Fifth Ward & Acres Home. To my kinfolk that miss me, I miss ya’ll to; And for those who’d diss me — die eating dog shit off the bottom of somebody’s shoes. Not a pleasant sentiment but it’s considered being true too my roots, when you pull it – you shoot.
Tell aunty-Black I road that dead prec over half way back to Los Angeles. Thank You. To E.B., Tre, Chargie, Grandmomma, Uncle August, and the rest that came to visit me at C.B.H., up there in Inglewood — big ups.
No disrespect but if saying your name could unnecessarily expose your person… I want you to know that I appreciate that not everybody wants their name yelled from the highest mountain. Not to mention how many kin we’re talking that really do miss me. I’m saying Arizona, the Land, and so on.

As usual, their are those who need to understand just how loved and appreciated they are; Ciccy(I hope above all else that you forgive me for leaving), TT, Leek, Let, Eric, Roy(what you said was right as rain and what I did is foreign to the Royal blood in our veins – muthafucka need his head cracked because I can’t take it back), my dear old Dads sister who I call “My Ainty”(I am not selfish enough to request your forgiveness – and apologies seem so pathetic, but to die without your smile shining on me is a punishment that although earned, I am unable to rest with. Please forgive me). Aunty Rachel and August Jr., I could not leave it be without sending my love.
To my cousins Dunnie and them, you know that I can’t fake it but, bad terms or not that bitch ass niigga got your brother’s kid shot in the back and got my Lil Brotha blamed for that half ass wannabe robbery stunt.
They gave Shaud 25years up that damned river. Your brother’s kid is just now learning to walk again????
You guys need to orchestrate that fool’s untimely violent death for God, family, and tribe duke!!!! Yeah, I am glad to say it and feel no shame.

To my formal teachers who taught me to read and write[Mr.J Worshaw, Mr.W Night, Mr.L & Mrs.E 132nd and Wilton street, Amos & Pyburn] so vary well, much respect due. To Mr & Mrs.Charles S -who taught me Blacc Class(Bumpy Johnson style), no one can do it better. Talking about razor sharp and dressed too impress – if clothing could ever support such dignity we would be able to walk on the moon in our pajamas.
Just how am I supposed to rise to such levels of strength, wisdom, and refinement?

Nevertheless, with this rich bigoted, spoiled brat, and probably treasonous Russian Spy-Donald J. Trump, preparing to be sworn in as the next President of the United States in about a week, We all have a duty to think on our toes; And, attempt to see into the events We have limited information about and know the specifics of those event’s likely outcomes.
Thus, since We are starting on the subject of elected Mr.Trump’s potential for treason with the K.G.B.Boys; And, because everyone else appears unable to see or say what is right in your face – let me ask;
Why doesn’t anyone realise that Tramp’s wives were purchased directly from Vladimir Putin’s stable? Of course Trump has been compromised, Stevie Wonder can see that. January 3,2017.

No surprise can be permitted, we’ve seen this form of treason before — over the question of slavery. Due to their greed and or racism, John Rebel and their fearless leaders -[Calhoun, Jefferson Davis and the rest of that trash]- took up cahoots with that got-damned crowned British peacock’s crazy old great great grand pappy, George Ye Derelict.

It was specifically due to Britain’s meddling in this nation’s internal social quarrels that this country was dragged all the way down The Road To Antitum and Gettiesburg. There is no question about it, the war of the States could not demand such a bloody price had the British crown not been so hell bent on destroying the Union.
Any tool available was viewed by the monarchy as an excellent tool indeed. Not to mention the fact that facism plays quite well into a social order wholely dictated by blood relations that flow from the crown down. Sort of like trickle down economics. There will always be somebody in the line who has the authority to say; “Not that damned far down”.

The distinction between then and now, one that I cannot allow to pass without notice, is that there appears to be far fewer Rev. John Brown’s in the nations mix. This should lead Blacc folks to know that when civil war irrupts, WE will be the primary targets of opportunity for the Catholic, neo-Nazi types etc….
Of the many different ethnic and religious groups that have come into this country — only two, as an overall sample from the specific group under observation, have not taken up hostilities against Our communities. Those two groups are Asians and Muslims.

I think this explanation allows US an excellent insight into the obviously wishy washy tactical bearing being taken by those treasonous losers who are actively and continuously searching out excuses that might seem to clarify exactly why Trump’s disparaging remarks against the CIA, NSA, and FBI continue to go forth in the same breath Trump uses to encourage and otherwise promote the excellence of the KGB.

On the Blacc Man&Woman’s side of This American Life, who am I fooling with my efforts at extolling the ideas contained in the Declaration Of Independence or the Bill of Rights! I mean really though?
Some Blacc prisoner talking about patriotism under a government that does everything in its power to prevent, discourage, and otherwise close the doors of the courts, businesses, real estate and employment to Me and mine based on nothing more important than the color of Our skin….
From the outside looking in, I can only be viewed as a joke — a clown who is able of punishing his children for rioting but perfectly impotent when he learns that a government official has murdered that same child. Fuck the reason. What is the view of those who do not know Our struggle?

More importantly, how do Our Children view US. What kind of amoral cowards must they perceive US to be when Our sanctions can only roll downhill upon their precious little crumbsnatchen domepieces? When We become frustrated, angry, or feel some kind of way about stuff they may or may not have caused – We “tapp that ass” or otherwise punish Our most valuable mineral. Yet how valiant and aggressively do We move to protect Our gentle little giants? The least We should do is seek revenge in their precious honor!!!!
Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth; And, any badge will do. Yet both of Us realize that going in honest pursuit of this kind of vindetta driven agenda only undermines the object of civilization. Or, do WE? January 16, 2017. As I sit in my prison cell watching the old videos of then Governor George Wallace’s standoff with the Kennedy administration over the forced integration of the University of Alabama, I realized just how much the election of Barack Hussein Obama has inflamed the white power element worldwide.
The white supremists’ view this life as a struggle for the resources that can sustain human existence. Survival pure and simple. And if any of the other ethnic groups are not prepared for exactly what that means, then how can you believe yourselves worthy of this life as an original proposition?
Therefore, as President Elect Trump begins to summons the true believers of white supremacy from the fringes of the four corners of planet earth, exactly what is it that leaves the rest of Us sitting around and unreasonably putting our faith in antiquated ideas which, although drawn up by one of the most insightful groups of white people ever assembled, far too many white people appear perfectly oblivious to.

Mind you, I am sitting here with my cellie – one Mr.Leland Jordan – who likes to watch Crimewatch Daily, channel 12(Fox 11- here in Walla Walla, Washington U.S.A.), as they focus on the heroin epidemic sweeping the country. As with the cocaine epidemic of the 1980s, the politicians and cops are focused on arresting low-level street dealers who are typically impoverished young Blacc Men.
Yet, WE all know that young Blacc Men are not in a position to be traffickers or opium kingpins. Mind you, the courts are virtually hanging these bottom of the barrel-street level dealing youngsters; Yet no politician or cop is focusing a single eye on the trafficking aspect of the problem? My question to so-called patriotic white people who claim to want an end to this epidemic is this;

“Do you really believe that arresting and warehousing these impoverished kids will end the tidal wave of availability of heroin in this country?”….

Personally, I do not believe that the Spanish Catholic drug cartels give a damn about the loss of petty-street level dealers because such losses do not affect the chain of transmission. Remember, once you get the stuff in country, it will sell itself – no advertising needed. Hence, waisting taxpayer dollars on chasing and warehousing these impoverished kids is simply another form of racism being allowed to hide under an otherwise noble objective of civilizations one and all.

Civilization? My cellie also likes to watch Ashley Banfeild-“Primetime Justice”(HLN, ch. 33), who just so happens to be slathering praises upon the cops that captured and obviously tortured the Brotha Keith Lloyed who is alleged to have killed a cop. In a true Nancy Grace fashion she talks up both the capture and the beating as though the two actions know no distinction.
My point is that corporal punishment(beating someone) is supposed to be unconstitutional. Please, pay attention! Corporations are entities of the State. They get their license to engage in Business, in a given State, from that State. State governments have the same duty to support and protect the Constitution of the United States as the federal government and all its agencies and departments etc….
So why is the FCC, a federal government agency, allowing a media corporation to knowingly and intelligently encourage government officials to knowingly and intentionally violate that Constitution without paying hefty fines and penalties?

Another problem is this, in her adoration of the beating of this obviously troubled human being – she clearly does not realize the glasshouse in which her indignation lives.
Former Los Angeles Police Department(LAPD) officer, Mark Fihrman, testified to torturing and murdering hundreds if not thousands of Blaccs and Mexicans specifically for the purpose of concealing the criminal activity of other police officers and Sheriff’s deputies throughout the greater L.A.County region. Please allow me to drag your memory from its peaceful slumber.
The media called it “The Rampart Scandal”. Your officer Firhman was arrested by the feds only after one LAPD officer, Rafeal Perez, got caught robbing a bank while wearing his uniform. The media was originally shocked and horrified to learn that such actions by cops were so common place that, officer Perez returned to said Bank- still in the same uniform -to “help ‘guide’ the investigation”. So very professional of him!

Almost immediately after officer Perez was taken into custody by the FBI, officer Perez began to sing like a stoolie pigeon.
Officer Perez testified to the feds that he, officer Fihrman and others(police, district attorneys, judges etc ), had committed a list of homicides, false arrests’, intentionally severing people’s spines, and giving false testimony in court, so long that, the point I am attempting to make will surely be lost if I attempt to mention the half.

My points are these; When did armed government officials become so much more important than the rest of US that, allowing them to violate the law in vindicating their pride and prejudices can be made to appear civil using public airwaves?
To say the least, I have never needed to hide behind a badge as an avenue for dancing on some fool’s hair follicles. Even more important than that, is this; When did armed government officials become so much more important than the very Constitution that gave them their present line of employment — that they may violate that Constitution whenever emotions move them to do so?

That appears to be the same train of thinking that lead your beloved officers Perez and Fihrman to form their own death squads, or rather join those already formed, and begin immediately taking advantage of their newly found omnipotence. The ends justify the means. The ends is Power; and Power corrupts! and absolute power corrupts absolutely! Young Blacc Man, let us begin. The End.

Exactly who is the media trying to fool! US? Because the truth is this, nobody else in the world believes U.S. media. American media is known worldwide to be driven by racism, owned by European Ashkenazi Zionist Jews and, Pro-Roman Catholic Queers. It is in this set of circumstances that I have to wonder exactly what possessed Obama to believe that the Queer community needs some kind of special-protective legislation…. Liberace did not appear to need such legislation.

I am guessing that by now, some of you have developed a certain view of what I am saying. Whatever your opinions are, you have much greater access than I do to either confirm or dispel the statements that I’ve presented you with. We are all involved in the calm before the fall. Be safe and hope does not equal resolve.

The Lord made Me strong, but something is terribly wrong within This American Life. And Trump obviously intends to export America’s poison of bigotry as part of the Gross Domestic Product. You tell me!!!!
PKS — 01/20/2017
{Thanks for all your opinions and the donations. Lord knows that everything helps}

Patrick Spurlock
DOC #882513


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