Steve Anderson


*The hearts are receptacles, so the best of them are the most
attentive, to God’s Revelations and His law’s, mixed in with confidence a high self ex esteem..

In doing what you can for another person is to hold a very
valueable understanding of, it’s nice to be nice and kind hearted people
have the most exciting lives..

To give is to share the blessing of having to share or
assisst, just as giving away something it create a valuable bonds within two people hearts..

It is a very woundful thing deep within a persons heart that commands them too assisting in helping a person on hard times, (I call that a struggle), or a person showed interest in what you like and that motivates you to
letting them have that item of interest..

The heart commands these kind of things and more, it’s an inclination
that takes placed within our hearts to act, just as at one
time or another every human being has called on God for some
reason or another..

For me it was when I did something bad and when my mom
found out I prayed to God please let me not get a whipping from
mother, it’s been many times through out my journey I am a believer with
my words and actions..

OK sure enough, hat’s off to the people that do what they
can for others that having a hard time in their life..

It’s due to ones heart wanting to being involved, in assisting a person
with a hardship, it also shows the best of understanding, to want to
see a person get through a hardship..

2nd fact / it’s done spontaneously wanting to assist, and wanting nothing back..

The appreciation comes from the receiver to continue to make the policy alive by to assist another person as much as they can when they can, that way the good looking out policy live on..

If you can help other’s, cool ; but if you cannot, at least
do not Be a nuisance, or try to downgrade that person..

Its no one walking on this earth thats better then the next person,
everyone has some kind of issue..

Some of the struggles come straight from God, but He has commanded us to assist each other as much as we can, to give charity,
is not looking to get a taxes write off..

That is a very simple teaching..

The truth is very simple ; it is not complicated or complex..

It is so simple and real, it seems that when a person discover
this, their amazed by the things that become so cristail clear in
one gaining a better understanding in a uncut fashion..

As I have said words have power..

You see due to the many misunderstanding that we have created within ourselves or was given to us by others, it’s just a must to recheck all
of one’s beliefs, as I have stated you do not. want to be
an inheriter with anothers beliefs..

Sounds like a hitch hiker to me..

And yes it’s also apart of giving your identity and the power that within you alway, it’s fun to think for yourself….

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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