John Price

Birth Of A Punk Rocker Part 4


The girls in the punk rock scene are something else. They have always seemed to be a little more intelligent when it came to abstract thought and questioning authority. I mean they are not the great thinkers of our generation, but compared to us guys who are busy drinking, fighting and chasing the girls around-they really did have their shit together.
It was a girl in Idaho that turned me onto the album, “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies. To me that is a classic So-Cal punk rock album and it was what opened up my eyes to the more violent edge of punk music. It was almost always girls that drove us to the shows and were sober enough afterwards to drive us all home. They were sexy, smart and would back you up in any situation. I am pretty sure that they got everything they wanted too as every one of us had our own bands, party houses and plenty of party favors and I can’t think of any that ever had to sleep alone. I guess the were more “Ying” to our “Yang”.
From age 19 to 32, I had the same punk rocker girlfriend and was quite happy. She was just as much into the scene and the music as I was and we saw hundreds of killer shows during our years together. We had our shit in order compared to others in the scene, we both had jobs and always had a place to live. This made everything a lot more accessible and we met a lot of cool people because of it. In the end when we broke up, she left with her clothes and some of the real gems of our music collection. At first I was a little sad about the missing staples from my music collection but since then I have replaced them…..there has never been a replacement for that girl though.
There were a lot of girls whom I had secret crushes on but I was always loyal to only one. I sit back and wonder nowadays what ever became of these women? I am still in contact with one I really like a lot, but she has become a professional, a mother and responsible. I can apprececiate all of these things now but it is what I remember of her from way back when and the punk rocker in her heart that I truly love. It is not just the music, it is the whole way of thinking. Myself, I can never change my way of thinking to a chickenshit conformist that is content with the status quo. I really like dark, edgy, abstract and different and I can only hope these women I have met over the years remain the same inside.
There are women in punk rock music and they are pretty talented too. They are so much more than just eye-candy alone, there have always been the groupie types or women that are associated with a certain band because you see them together. Siouxxie Sue was part of the Sex Pistol’s entourage, but never played punk rock music. Joan Jett was associated with the Germs and mentioned in the lyrics of “Shutdown-Annhilation Man”, but she played rock and roll in the Runaways. Punk rock women have been part of the scene since it’s inception.
In retrospect, despite my current situation-I have not changed one bit. I still listen to the same music, have the same views and see myself as I always have. At forty five years old, I have been doing this so long that it is the norm. As I type this blog, I am listening to the Dead Kennedys and getting ready to practice on my bass for a couple of hours. I too am a professional at my trade Tig welding and fabrication. If you were to meet me you would conclude that I am at the opposite end of the spectrum from the chickenshit conformists that run this world. I will always be a punk rocker and if I am lucky I will have me a punk rocker girl at my side until the end.

Here are some of my favorite songs by punk rock girls;
Red High Heels by Crass
Poison In A Pretty Pill by Crass
Resurrection by Vice Squad
Double Fist by Thugg Murder
A by The Gits
Blind Attack by Conflict

John Price
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