Steve Anderson


*Many things of this worldly life is not healthy for human consumption or
to even indulge in, giving your time and money for a never lasting delusion, only shows that some of the things you indulge in makes you talk and act as of a fool…

Do we listen to any of the things from the ones that was
here be for us ? ? what about the old heads they always have
knowledgeable words to share with the people, the start would be you saying hello how you doing today, (they love sharing life’s experience’s)…

You indulging in whatever,, it be the confusion starts in your mind
the becoming of your actions will tell of the confusion ness of a
sad story not only to yourself, but to others as well, what part
are you displaying of yourself ? ?

The stories about you, you may never hear others speak on the confusion
that you have gratefully invited into your world, but always know the streets is talking, don’t never give reasons for a person to start a negative story about yours, what your doing…

And depending on what you’re indulging in your best friend will not say anything, due to your response…

Because many look at people that do speak up about what others
are doing, & their reply seems to always be (mind your own business)
or just to remind all of you (I’m grown I do what I want to)…

And the person is only showing concern about your wellbeing, if we’re
runing people out our lives faster then we meet good people wow, to
listen is to see and understand your part, you do play apart…

The wisppers of satan is lounder in some of our ears then others…

But we all have the same color of blood runing through our body’s,
two eyes to see all when pondering, one nose to smell the
blessing of the earth, two ears to hear and listen…

Point being we’re all not very different from one another, yes our
skin color, weight, how tall one is and so on…

Oh yea we all have one heart, and God has placed special instruction
for each and every one of us inside of the heart, along with
what makes each of us special…

We as human beings have been given a God given gift of the
freedom of choice…

To make decision base on the knowledge and understanding that we have…

It’s bad decisions made just as ther’re good ones, they are based
on a lot of different factors one is the importance of understanding and knowledge…

Only us as human beings have this blessing to do or not,
God made that decision already…

Many things are unhealthy, unsafe, and very delusional within our mind to
even want to entertain, or label it to be fun or enjoyable…

Is this also from the ones that was here before us ? ?

And yes the mind does play tricks on us maybe not all the
times but satan does a whole lot of wisppering in our ears…

Many people have found balance in the the many things that delivers
strength, hope, faith, Patience, self discipline, focus-ness, respect for ourselves and others, understanding in a veritably of subjects, issues, matters and situations…

Religion is one of the many things that deliver [all] of the full statement above this one…

in knowing this to be the factional truth I ask you, what makes us
cling to the many different worldly glitters of this world ? ?

Some of these gitters brings us so much pain and confusion, leaving
us with foss hopes and inhert beliefs that’s the cause of so
much emotional roller coaster…

In some cases this worldly life make us lazy and not thankful
for what God has created, or given you already, like (AIR ARE

So the hearts insist on loving some parts not all, with this
worldly life what has it given you ? ?

The damage is not only to the heart and soul, but with this
issue it also insist that you partake in clinging to the shiny
things, and this is nothing but the passionate love we give and
come to have for these things that have no value in the hereafter…

We must strengthen ourselves for the war that going on within us,
and start with the many tools that the prophets have brought, starting
with honestly, truth, loyalty, respect for others just as for self…

We must take things upon ourselves to wanting to know…

In seeking knowledge you must take your time, the gaining to accomplishing understanding is to not create a misunderstanding…

I’m hoping all enjoyed this piece and can walk away with something
that works for you in the short or long run..

Create a good day but have a wonderful one, the power is within
you to gain and accomplishe all to and for your world…

Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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