Today I came back from work early to hang out with Willy. What I find out is that another dog came in. Again I get excited to see what breed it might be this time.

As I was taking Willy out to play/train I saw SGT. McCarty our trainer in the rotunda of the unit with a dog and Angry Angie standing next to her.

Looks like Angry Angie is getting his long awaited dog.

As I walked through the rotunda I said to him, ” looky looky Angie’s got his cookie. Bet your happy now huh Bud?”

He turned around to look at me. He had a child-like grin on his face, shook his head up and down and slightly giggled.

This is the same guy that was thoroughly pissed off the day before walking his Buddy’s dog around out side.

Total attitude 180 from the day before to receiving a dog the next day.

A little history on him. He has been locked up for 36+ years now. Needless to say he is an older, more disgruntled, poor me, nothing is good kinda guy in his late 50’s. He’s been alone for a longtime. He’s also been through a lot in here.

I think its great for him to have the chance to care of and recive love from something like a dog. But this is prison and some people are just fucked up in the head and just aren’t right. Some people will never change.

As long as I have known him he has had a lot of mood swings and been very confrontational with people.

I believe that having an animal does bring down anxiety and help with peoples moods. It can be soothing and therapeutical also.

But there are people out there that still shouldn’t have an animal. Hes one of them. At times it helps him, but he shouldn’t have one all the time.

I like this program and all sorts of people should get a chance at it if they meet the requirements for it. If they do become apart of FreedomTails and later they are seen unfit to contine or mess up. They need to go.

But some people just seem to fall through the cracks. That just sucks!

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

Categories: change, Jesse Bailey

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