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On my way home from work today. I was walking down the breezeway back to the unit and I noticed that one of the dog handlers had a dog I hadn’t seen before. First thing that went through my mind was, “hooray more dogs came in”.

Then I noticed who was standing with the dog. A big, old and fat man. Oh man, its probly Angry Angie. Yep it is! And it looks like he’s grumpy for some reason, he usally is about something.

Someone called him Angry Angie one time and it just stuck.

You’d think he’d be happy he has a dog. You just never know what your gona get with him.

None the less I am pretty sure more dogs than his came in. So I don’t give him any mind and just walk right on by him.

As I walked by I could tell he glared at me and gave me some kinda stink eye. But I just kept pushing and he didn’t say a word to me. I couldn’t help to think what his problem might be today. But I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.

As I make it into the unit, climb the stairs and make my way to my cell. I could tell something was different about my buddy Little T’s cell nextdoor to me. He is a fellow dog handler too.

I didn’t go over to his cell to see what was different like I normally would. I just headed to my cell because I wanted to take a shower before count time which was in just a about 10 minutes.

As I open the door and walk into my cell. Steve proceeds to ask if I have seen Little T’s new dog. ( I knew, somthing felt and looked different )

I told him I hadn’t yet. But that I’m sure I’ll see it soon. Then he goes on to tell me about the drama that has gone on since the new dogs got here while I am getting my stuff ready to take to the showers.

Steve starts of with a quick story about Angry Angie. Angry Angie was mad as hell today because he didn’t recive a dog and other people did. (pretty strait foreword and expected from the guy )

He acted like he was due one, that he was owed, or had it comming. Why didn’t they think of him.

This all coming from a guy who was 1 of 4 cells who had a dog for the last 7 months. When the rest of us didn’t. Those other 4 cells in this unit didn’t have dogs. On top of that, it was 4 months longer than a normal dog session.

However, now he had his Buddy’s dog in tow who had just got today, but had to go to a visit. So Angry Angie was dog sitting. But that wasn’t good enough for him. He needed his own! (to him, life ain’t fair)

I agreed with what he was saying because I saw him comming down the breezeway on my way home from work and he looked to be upset or mad about something. (Now it all starts to make sense.)

I saw him walking the dog outside around the unit yard . He was yelling in an aggressive manner at passing inmates not to talk to him, the dog, or ask anything about the dog. Don’t look at or even acknowledge him or the dog. All while over leash correcting the poor animal and yelling at it to do commands like sit, stay or heel when the dog has no training and doesn’t know what Angry Tommy was asking him to do.

Steve asked me why do people act like that. Has it always been like this when people get or don’t get dogs?

I told him that It always happens like this. As long as I have been in this program people have acted like this every time. Some more than others.

I try not to act or be like that because I don’t want that kinda stigma on me.

He goes on to tell me about the dogs. He starts with Little T’s dog.

Little T told him his dog is agresive, an Alfa Female, hyper and when cornered will attack and bite. It all ready went after his celly when he touched her paw.

Little T had switched from a friendly open guy. To closed off, short and snappy dude. Basically saying watch out I have a mean badass dog. Stay back!

A complete 180 from his normal personality. To me its so strange to see people flip like this. Its suppose to be a happy fun time for a person. I know tomorrow or maybe two days he’ll turn right back into the normal Little T I know.

After some of the things he says about the dog don’t sit with me quite right.

First off, these dogs wouldn’t be in this facility if it they were really like that. That’s just too much of a risk of injury to people. (Quit over exaggerating about what ever you were told)

I have a feeling this is all a front to act tough and or excitement of a new dog. But you don’t have to act like a dick all of a sudden and try to be a tough guy.

I am no different from feeling like this. I kinda touched on it with my post about Fred:

Maybe I have been in this program for so long and have had so many dogs come and go that I have learned not to be like that. I hope these people can learn too. Because its an awful look for them.

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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