Randy Brennan

It’s funny how quick we are to laugh at other people’s pain, but you have to admit that it’s always funny…that is, until it happens to you.

For example, my celly has long hair and one of his methods for drying it while he’s drying off from the shower is to whip it forward at a high rate of speed which, I gues forces the water out. This particular time he had his eyes closed and at the very moment that his head whipped forward he smashed it into the stainless steel shower plumbing casing, which not only hurt like hell, but scared the daylights out of him. Ha ha… I could not contain my immediate response, which was to bust up in a healthy belly laugh. There’s no way to explain my response but I’m certain that most people would have reacted in like manner.

However, I can remember several years back catching a softball with my left eyeball, and I seemed to be the only one not laughing at that moment. Yes, there were some to show concern and make sure that I was going to live, but I’m certain that even they got at least a chuckle out before rushing to my aid.

To laugh at the pain of other seems to me a human response. I’d imagine it’s as unexplainable as laughing at a fart joke…it’s just funny, we don’t know why, it just is.

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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