Randy Brennan

Another year brings new ideas and opportunities to an open minded person. To me another year brings an annual review where a group of counselors and a unit supervisor decide my fate for the next year. The hallmark statement that is always made is “maintain & retain”. They always encourage me to maintain my programming, stay out of trouble and continue to be a “good inmate”. Also, to retain my current custody and living arrangement at the facility. However, “maintain & retain” does not define me as a person. I choose not to live my life like that.

My motto for this year will not be “maintain retain”, but “excel and advance”. I will choose to excel at everything I set my hand to, and to continually advance toword my goals–achieving them one at a time and daily triuphing over incarceration. I do not see myself as an offender, but a “justice involved citizen” who will be returning to society after paying all debts owed.

Excel and advace! You’re worth it too.
Earning freedom…

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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