Steve Anderson


Sure enough it very wrong and unfair for a person to drag a
persons name in the mud..

(In meaning)~
To talk bad about another person when their not present speaking on
issues of that’s not true…

But if there is truth to what’s being said well wow how
can you get mad at another person thats speaking on what there displaying to the world…

That’s dragging your name in the mud, or it can be from the
company you keep both brings on the unness (The unfairness of your
word or actions or both)…

Drags your name in the mud is a very serious issue…

I must ask you why would you want to run people out your
life with your characteristics, or the company you choose to keep ? ?

I mean sure you can be around anyone you wish to, but if
this new company your keeping rob everyone I don’t think people wish to
be around you to…

How one’s mannerism reflects on you, just as how yours reflects
on others…

Then honour yourself by rejecting the characteristics of a fool…

And instead subject yourself with your words and actions to the becoming of these refined characteristics of a honourable respected understanding knowledgeable person…

So when you speak others not only listen attently, but they knows
their getting the truth and your best, that comes from within your

[meaning ~ [TEMPLE HEART & SOUL] [1*10*2017]

And accustom yourself to the actions of being gentle in speech
and in your respondent’s, showing self, and other the true quality to
showing a d having patience…

And forbid yourself from showing the actions of a wretched person…

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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