Steve Anderson


To stop the killings that’s going on across the whole world….

Making the drops of the cash in the dufful, how long will it last you’ll never know..

Solutions are created by the one’s that pounder upon history and follow
the ways of the knowledgeable old heads..

Even though nothing last forever, these memory’s are unforgettable..

They are stored in the heart, and can be recalled at any time,
in calling them with the best of names {trophy memorises} for reasons being they hold all rights to making a bad day into a good one..

I’m from a place were dreems were seldem seen, were we sell the green
and if we get cracked we don’t tell a thing.. {AINT NO TELLING}

I learned from my younger years that you can’t play both sides, my
partner caught a case that in 05 we call that a cold ride..

Bonolito was not new to the Murder game, and bullet’s aint eatable..

The most valuable of the many lessons were the easiest to learn for Bonolito just as its easier to exploit an enemy’s weak spot, it’s much effective and profitablle in the long run it’ll destroy them..

Just as law #3 always make some of your sanctions for the violartor of your laws be payable in cash..

This method would not only put one in control, it would also eliminate
any attempt at retribution through the sheer power of fear..

Now most of these words is of the OLD ME, so please don’t judge me I have a story..

For sure I didn’t think I would live to be 2/8/2017—-*53*..

How long will we last in this struggle we never know, when you’re
deep in street you got to keep your eyes on who
you eat with, you never known..

We didn’t live the same life, my day would start with me and
others riding in the rage swichin lanes, I keep that 40 cal Smith & Weston
on my lap rolling around peepin the seen in the town..

Bonolito pulled the trigger a number of times shooting with both hands, but at that time I gave in to the weakest justification of an ignorant person could ever say, better them then me you’ll die if you hasate, thats
the bad dream..

That even sound very uncaring to my own ears now that I’m
older with a little knowledge under my belt..

Giving time to thinking about the pain that I caused..

It so many with the same frame of think I had back then, and
in many cases I witness some to be really bad like they think it’s
cool to be tobe dumb..

The flashbacks never come thank God, I have heard about the aftermath of the strange story’s and gave thoughts that comes from putting in that
kind of work…

Now my thoughts change gears, of how one murder led to the
next one..

It do seem like the killiy will never stopped, so is it
just apart of the good and bad that goes on ?

The first Murder that took place on earth, was that of the altercation between Cain and Abel, Cain killing Able with the only witness being
Abel’s dog..

For the year of 2016, in Chicago they had 762 Murders, now its just
my free will of (my) opinion so don’t flip out on me
please I dont do word wars it’s respect in all my words..

But hiring more police ain’t going to bring them numbers down, and
then when a police gets shot or killed then the rest of the
police is going to act a fool, so what is the answer to
stopping the killing around the world all colors are being killed..

The kids are seeing the badest parts of life..

The cash,, jewelry, the homie love, cars and so on, some are
forced to be involve cause they don’t get to see the normal
side of life, or cause family members are a connected, or one needs protection, or the home ain’t cool to be there..

No jobs, no schooling or training, one’s self esteem is at a all
time low, being around others as you bring power in a strange way..

But not thinking brings a very painful hurt within self..

Even to the ones you care and have true love for and the one’s you don’t know respect is understanding..

The big part of not giving a fuck is to give up on yourself and you settle for having the deadliest disease and it called self inflicted retardation

the untruth you have given to yourself, and have freely gotten from others puts you in the line of fire to even being a victim cause everyone aint cut out for this street life..

Stay in school your never to old to learn something new and wonderful, that will give you a foundation within yourself and a honorable service to the world..

Have a nice day and smiling at others will bring them to smile at YOU….

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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