Steve Anderson

IF THEY SPEAK & MOVE SIDEWAYS, they might have snake ways….

*When they speak about that which they have no knowledge of their tongue has gained advantage over their heart..

Their heart does not restrain their speech, due to the fact they
learn in order to lie, argue and dispute in order to show
off to the others..

And them people are more confused within themselves, it started with them finding such foolness mixed with the untruth to be entertainment, to laugh at ones downfall makes them the bigger fools with no knowledge
of an the good looking out policy..

Many of us live by saying, it no different when one use
the saying [we will leave no man behind] cause we will always
do what we can, even sharing some knowledgeable words..

What is hidden in them is displayed and what one displays is
not hidden, they rush into that which will come to an end..

Not being yourself is the number one issue of an emotional break
down, caring what others think is also very unhealthy, now it’s different
when you ask for a persons opinion, I’m hoping they give their best I
would (always)..

Truth is a foundation that builds everything together including people, you can’t build on a lie cause the truth overpowers bullshit any day….

The best days start with a smile and positive thoughts of how can I
make another persons day good ? it may just take you giving a smile
or holding the door open as you go through it, as Ellen, G
says everyday at the end of her show, BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER…..

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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